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Shilpa Sukumar

Relationship Coach

I specialise in helping individuals and couples identify the gaps in their relationships and guide them toward discovering the keys to love. My approach is focused on practical, straightforward solutions, eliminating unnecessary complexity.

Learn How to Love

Love is a skill that can be cultivated

You can rebuild or learn to love authentically

Love is a complex and multifaceted emotion that can be cultivated and developed over time. While the initial spark of attraction may be spontaneous and temporary, the deepening and sustaining love often requires intentional effort and understanding. We are here to help cultivate that sustainable love.

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Love Actually

Mia H.

“The most interesting part of my coaching sessions was realising what ‘love’ really meant. There was so much I learned about myself and my partner. I understood that love is not always what you grow up seeing or believing. It’s much simpler, and answers are always right in front of you. I feel so different and happy today. Thank you.”

Our Services

Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching provides a focused exploration of your current emotional state, addressing any negativity impacting your relationships. Uncover potential gaps in expressing and receiving love, and work with various techniques to bridge these shortfalls. Equips you with communication skills for effortless expression of your desires. 

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couple coaching

Couple Coaching

Couple coaching delves into your current relational dynamics, addressing challenges while deepening your understanding of each other. This personalised approach involves individual and joint sessions. Utilise practical techniques to foster deeper understanding and strengthen the bond between you and your partner.

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workshop and events


Join our engaging workshops on practical insights to build stronger relationships. These sessions provide hands-on experience in understanding love languages, improving communication, and overcoming common relationship challenges. Gain valuable tools and knowledge in a supportive and interactive environment and enhance your relational well-being.

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Lisa S.

“I was in an emotionally abusive relationship for over 5 years. Though I often knew it was not right for me and I didn’t think I could expect anything better for myself. I was always afraid of being alone and lonely. I am separated from my partner. Also, for the first time, I like myself. Thank you, Shilpa, I could not have done it without you.”
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Whether you’re navigating the rollercoaster of romance or looking for those little tweaks that make relationships extraordinary, you’re in the right place. Get ready to laugh, learn, and connect with the beautiful tapestry of love.

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Individual coaching provides a focused exploration of your current emotional state, addressing any negativity impacting your relationships.


A Silent Emotion is Sabotaging You

Just 4 Steps to Begin Recovery


“Working with Shilpa has been an exciting journey of growth. She has helped me to truly figure out who I am, and what my boundaries are. She has a way to ask the right questions that allows you to gain new insight and perspective. Shilpa is a great listener, she puts two and two together, and makes you feel safe and comfortable to share. If you are looking for a coach, then I would highly recommend Shilpa!”

Renee J.

“I was a happy career woman with a bright prospect and an active social life. Fast forward a few years later, I was buried deep under motherhood and a stormy marriage. In contrast to standard therapy, where I sit and talk about myself, Shilpa guided me to execute concrete actions day by day. Within days, these actions, combined with reflection and discussion with Shilpa, made it possible for me to see that I have lost myself and my entire self-confidence. With Shilpa’s help, I have rebuilt myself as a mother, a wife, and, most importantly, as myself.”

Katarina D.

“Sessions with Shilpa were full of discoveries and I would leave them with realizations that were truly surprising. I loved how quickly she recognized my patterns and how efficiently she helped me get to a mindset shift. Thanks to her guidance I am more aware of what I want and also what I am capable of. Shilpa, thank you for helping me build confidence, sharpen focus and achieve my goals!”