Lydia grew up to be a shy girl but knew that there was more to life than her family. She went out into the world and found herself. She was successful in her career and fell in love. Little did she know that bringing a person into her life would flood her with her childhood pains. 

Lydia adored and admired her husband. Her husband loved her back and took very good care of her. But something happened at this point. She gave away her individuality. She slowly became dependent, for every little thing, on her husband. Simple task of what to cook for lunch or dinner? What types of spoons to buy? What should I wear? Should i go to this party? Should I write this email to can you write this email for me? It became every little thing on the personal front.

The husband had married a confident, successful and mature person but suddenly found himself with a child. But at work Lydia was still herself – confident and capable of functioning independently. So, what had gone wrong? 

Lydia had never learnt how to live with another person and be herself, independent, confident, content and happy. She knew just one way – to be a miserable dependent. She had regressed and was living with her childhood family all over again. She was miserable. She heavily blamed her husband for her miserable and grew to detest her him. Her husband, into a few years of their marriage, had begun to detest her too. 

It had gotten to that point where Lydia wanted to divorce and live alone for the rest of her life. She hated herself, her life and everything in-between. She just wanted to desperately break free from this hell of negative thinking and life.