Real Stories about Negative Thinking

Negative thinking destroys your self esteem, relationships, opportunities, peace of mind and self respect. The constant self criticism, judgement and second guessing leaves you feeling exhausted and drained. For some women, this has been happening for years (some from childhood), some have developed this after entering a new stage in their life (as professionals, marriage, motherhood, unexpected lifestyle changes or just something unexpected). This is self sabotage. The the negative pattern of thinking that leads to self sabotage needs to be addressed before it becomes you rather than just being a part of you.

This is best explained with some breakthrough my clients have experienced during their weekly sessions. I will discuss this through a fictitious character named Lydia, who represents my clients in some manner or another. I will attempt to show you how negative thoughts can be changed permanently by identifying the real truth behind your thoughts, fears & beliefs.

If something about these real stories move you or makes you feel something or anything and you wish to express it, please feel free to write to me directly at

Here is something I read once, which stayed with me.

Simple Truths