Lydia is a factitious character. She represents many of my client’s pains, beliefs, negative thoughts, fears, emotions and behaviours. Through Lydia I will attempt to show you how negative thoughts can be changed permanently by identifying the real truth behind your thoughts, fears & beliefs.

It was Time to Get Help

Lydia is a business woman, a mother of two, a friend and wife. She needed help when she had reached her limits and was desperately looking for a way out of her frustration, anger, depression, constant self doubt, self-criticism and self hate. Her days were filled with unhappy thoughts and negative feelings. She still kept very positive and was funny too. She had a wonderful sense of humour and tried to laugh away her frustrations.

But she is a mother now and did not want to pass on her weaknesses. She was quick to get angry, judge people and situations and felt incapable of doing anything right, even the smallest ones. She desperately wanted to be a better person for her children and for herself.

One thing she knew, deep down there is much more to her. Much more. She knew she was strong, intelligent confident and independent but somewhere, in her marriage,  she had lost herself.

At this point we may be quick to judge her husband. Of course the husband played a part. But it all started with Lydia. No one can make you do anything you don’t want. Of course physical force or violence may be. But   this was not the case with Lydia.

So, how and why did Lydia get here?