Manage Your Emotions

You feel fundamentally lost, afflicted by purposelessness, foul moods, and constantly looking for distractions – binge-watching, binge eating, binge-drinking, binge-shopping and staring at the internet at every opportunity.

Giving heed to your patterns and negative thoughts and discerning what is holding you back will help you align with your real purpose, true career path, core desires, and intuitive wisdom.

Discern what is holding you back

Balance Work & Life

Trying to fix a problem by doing everything you’ve always done but harder and hoping for a different result may be futile. Or forcing yourself into submission against your natural inclinations because it is considered the right thing to do, may not be the right thing for you. But, staying true to your intuitive preferences, where your actions will feel spontaneous and effortless, will lead you to dramatic changes.

Find your natural inclinations and make dramatic changes

Strengthen Your Individuality

We are all creatures of habits and impulses, often derailed by temptations and emotions, especially those driven by subconscious behaviours. But when we begin to recognise these patterns and make changes inside us, things start to change around us. It is that simple & powerful.

Break your negative patterns

I started my coaching with Shilpa just as a trial. Many of my colleagues have personal coaches. This was my first time. I am so thankful to have discovered such a wonderful service. I now look forward to my weekly sessions with Shilpa. I have discovered why I act the way I do with my children and husband. I have improved dramatically ever since as a mother and wife. I feel happy and content most of the time now. Thank you Shilpa for showing me that life can be so much better.

Mia H

I first got in touch with Shilpa to get help with my relationship. I was in an emotionally abusive relationship for over 5 years. Though I often knew it was not right for me and I didn’t think I could expect anything better for myself. I was always afraid of being alone and lonely. Today, after almost 2.5 months of being in therapy with Shilpa, I am a changed person. I am separated from my partner and I don’t know why I was afraid of being alone, in the past. I feel like a new person today, experiencing life for the first time. Also, for the first time, I like myself. Thank you Shilpa, I could not have done it without you.

Lisa S

Working with Shilpa has been an exciting journey of growth. She has helped me to truly figure out who I am, and what my boundaries are. She has a way to ask the right questions that allows you to gain new insight and perspective. Shilpa is a great listener, she puts two and two together, and makes you feel safe and comfortable to share. If you are looking for a coach, then I would highly recommend Shilpa!


Working with Shilpa has been a great experience because her warm and open personality made it easy for me to open up to her. I always felt comfortable and supported. Her work is well-organized, professional, and thought through. She has the talent to ask precise and clear questions at the right time that helped me to get out of my own stuck mindset and see things from a completely different perspective. Shilpa has also helped me become more structured in my life and take practical action steps towards reaching my goals and dreams.


I was a happy career woman with a bright prospect and active social life. Fast forward few years later, I was buried deep under motherhood and a stormy marriage. While I knew something was very wrong, I simply didn’t know how to even start until I started talking to Shilpa. In contrast to standard therapy, where I sit and talk about myself, Shilpa guided me to execute concrete actions day by day. Within days, these actions, combined with reflection and discussion with Shilpa, made it possible for me see that I have lost myself and my entire self confidence. With Shilpa’s help, I am now working hard on rebuilding myself, as a mother, a wife, and most importantly, as myself. I am forever grateful to Shilpa.

Renee J

Sessions with Shilpa were full of discoveries and I would leave them with realizations that were truly surprising. I loved how quickly she recognized my patterns and how efficiently she helped me get to a mindset shift. Thanks to her guidance I am more aware of what I want and also what I am capable of. Shilpa, thank you for helping me build confidence, sharpen focus and achieve my goals!

Katarina D.

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Guilt & Shame

Guilt though a negative emotion exists so you learn from a mistake or correct the situation or question the basis for the guilt. But most often, we do not question or work through it. Instead, we feel it, believe it or suppress it, accumulate it and as a result deprive ourselves of simple pleasures as a way of punishing ourselves for the guilt we hold inside.

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Success and Happiness are by-products of Emotional Wellness

Learn about Emotional Intelligence and Its Importance

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