Why Talk?

“Talking makes me feel less alone.” Lisa M


“It is not about sharing my worries but it is about someone listening to them.” Hanna K


“My problems felt just too big to manage alone.” –  Christin


“It’s a reality check, to know if I am the only one thinking this way.” Anne H


“It’s good to get someone else’s perspective. Sometimes we’re too focused on our own perception and interpretation of things, that we miss something that might even be obvious…” Simone


“To know if I am looking at this all wrong?” Karen W


“Just to unburden – Catharsis. I sleep so well the days I have my talk sessions :).”  Maria B


“‘We do not see things as they are but as we are’. Sounds so simple but the hardest to recognise and learn to think differently.” Jigi T


“I suffered through social media anxiety and jealousy but was ashamed to admit it or tell anyone close to me.” K D


“My pent-up feelings and anger have burst out in the most embarrassing and inappropriate ways” Sarah P


“I hate confrontations. So, I bottle things up and have been for so long. Slowly I began to make mistakes and forget things. Some really big mistakes.” S H


“I can’ t think from multiple angles and sometimes I am stuck in my own way of thinking or doing things. I very often have those ‘hah hahhh’ moments when I listen to unbiased opinions.” A M


“My assumptions have often got me misunderstood and saying the wrong things at the wrong time. I am trying to break this habit through understanding good assumptions from bad ones. ” Aanya A